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Melbourne Migration Ways staff

Melbourne Migration Ways staff

Alberta Miculan

Alberta Miculan Migration Agent

Alberta was born in Italy, grew up in Australia and lived for 25 years in the United States.

Alberta Miculan also has over 25 years’ experience working in the immigration industry.  She was formerly engaged as a Senior Immigration Officer at the Australian Department of Immigration in Los Angeles.  Her extensive firsthand experience in the interpretation of Australian legislation at the Australian Consulate in Los Angeles stands in good stead to provide immigration advice.  Alberta has also worked as an immigration officer in the Australian Embassy in Brazil and is fluent in Spanish, Italian and English.

Alberta is richly experienced in all immigration application procedures.  She has a vast knowledge of the numerous visa categories and the necessary process to be followed.  She always provides clients with proficient advice from the start of the visa application process and continues to support even after an application has been granted.

Alberta’s areas of expertise include:

  • Entertainment
  • Business sponsorship and nomination
  • 457 visa applications
  • Partner visa
  • Skilled Independent and State Nominated

Particularly for the entertainment sector, Alberta has a solid understanding and is deeply experienced in assisting film and production companies as well as entertainers themselves to acquire Entertainment visas for Australia. She has widespread experience liaising with the relevant Australian entertainment bodies and unions, certification by Australian Government Departments and preparation of a full range of sponsorship and visa applications.


  • Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice
  • Graduate Diploma in Psychological Studies
  • Diploma of Education
  • Bachelor of Arts

“I find it exciting and satisfying to find solutions for travellers needing visas so they can attain their dreams of studying, working, visiting or living in Australia. As someone who has lived in Italy, Australia and the USA and visited many other countries, I appreciate the life-enhancing opportunities of migration and world travel. I enjoy the challenge and pride of creating our business and seeing it grow.”
Alberta Miculan

Alberta Miculan is a Registered Migration Agent: MARN 1277789

Rebecca Santaera

Rebecca Santaera Melbourne Migration WaysRebecca Santaera has vast experience working directly within the Australian Immigration industry/sector.  

She was formerly engaged as a Migration Consultant in private practice and after stepping out on her own, now provides expert advice and assistance for applications, particular in Melbourne’s Italian and South American community.

After graduating from Swinburne University, Rebecca began her career in Italy where she worked as an Australian Migration Consultant for two years.  It was during this time that she gained an invaluable insight to the needs and desires in migration directly from the Italian community.

On her return to Australia, Rebecca worked under the supervision of an Immigration Law specialist where she was able to further her skills set by focusing on the onshore visas, in particular the Skilled Visa, 457 and Permanent Employer Sponsored Visas.

Rebecca’s areas of expertise include:

  • 457 visas
  • Business/Employer sponsorship
  • Skilled migration
  • Student visas
  • Family migration

As an Independent Migration Agent, Rebecca has particularly built a strong clientele base providing expert advice regarding temporary and permanent Employer sponsored visas with medium-large size Australian companies.

Rebecca is dedicated to providing reliable, honest and realistic advice to those seeking to live or work in Australia.


  • Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice
  • Bachelor Degree in Business (Marketing)
  • Bachelor of Italian Language Studies

“As challenging as providing migration assistance is at times, there is nothing more rewarding than when I make that phone call to an individual or family who have their hopes invested in a future here in Australia and let them know that they are finally a Permanent Resident of this great country of ours. Their excitement and joy reminds me of why I do this work and is what drives me through all the challenges.”
Rebecca Santaera

Rebecca Santaera is a Registered Migration Agent: MARN 1173748

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