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How to choose a migration agent in Australia

What would be the best way to find a migration agent? Where can they be found? Which qualifications and qualities should you look for? This post will outline all of these and more. But first, below is a short overview of moving to Australia.

Moving to another country is a major life milestone, and you want to get it right each step of the way. Many people and agencies can help, but with the multitude of options, it can be daunting to know which one to choose. If you are interested in migrating to Australia, it’s highly recommended to work with a registered migration agent. In working with one, you can increase your chances of getting approved thanks to their expert help and also give yourself a stress-free process, so you can focus on preparing for your big move.

What would be the best way to find a migration agent? Where can they be found? Which qualifications and qualities should you look for?

Migrating to Australia and finding the best migration agents

How to choose migration agents in Melbourne

The Australian government helps interested migrants in finding the best migration agents through its Migration Agent’s page and the Migration Agent Alert e-newsletter. 

The Migration Agent’s page provides promotional and informational resources for business and investor visas, as well as skilled worker visas, and answers to the most common questions. Meanwhile, the e-newsletter provides timely updates on visa application requirements, changes, new programs, and events.

In finding the best migration agent to help you, below are key points to remember:

  1. To find registered migration agents in Australia, you can visit the following websites: 
  1. Look for the following qualifications in the migration agent that you will work with: 
  • Experienced. Must have proven experience and success rate on the visa type that you are applying for. There are also migration agents who are also lawyers. They can provide the necessary legal assistance should it be needed. 
  • Good client feedback. Check for positive reviews from previous clients and referrals from within your network. This tells you a lot about how the agent handles visa applications, their success rate, or if you should start looking for another agent. Don’t forget to do a quick Google search about your agent. Oftentimes, if someone has a negative experience working with them, this can be found online.
  • Face-to-face meetings. Visa approvals are life-changing, and getting to know the person you are trusting to represent you is a critical part of the process. Face-to-face meetings also allow you to see signs that you may easily miss when communicating online. If you are living overseas, there should at least be a video call consultation. 
  1. Migration agent fees
  • There are different ways migration agents charge:
  • charging after the work is performed
  • charging in advance
  • “no win, no fee” 

The cost of working with an Australian migration agent depends on the particular agent and agency, as well as the client’s situation. For more information on fees, you may visit this resource file.

  1. Language
  • If you are not a native English speaker, working with a migration agent who speaks your native language can surely improve your overall visa application experience. There are migration agencies such as Migration Ways that offer visa application assistance in various languages, including Spanish, Italian, and Greek. 
  1. Working with Australian Legal Practitioners and Exempt Individuals
  • Australian legal practitioners and certain individuals, such as close family members and sponsors, are not required by law to be registered as migration agents. 

Migration agents can help you in processing legal documents and requirements, providing general information and interview advice, and assisting in the actual visa application process.

Depending on your status, there are different pathways you can explore when migrating to Australia. The two main paths are business and investor visas and skilled migration visas. These are further divided into specific visa streams such as business and innovation, entrepreneur, skilled nominated visa, and investor stream, to name a few.

In an overview, a migration agent can help you: 

  • Acquire the latest information on immigration law and proceedings
  • Prepare relevant legal documents and requirements
  • Be your legal adviser and representative at the court when needed
  • Successfully fill out and submit your visa application
  • Deal with government agencies on your behalf

With all of these essential responsibilities, finding the most suitable migration agent to help you with your application is important. 

What can a registered migration agent do for you?

Working with registered migration agents ensures that you work with experts who have experience in successfully applying for a visa. Their expertise also strengthens your application, and they can provide you with the best advice depending on your situation. 

Other ways a registered migration agent can help you are: 

  • In determining and recommending the best visa option for you
  • Helping you prepare the paperwork and requirements 
  • Coordinating with the Department of Home Affairs
  • Representing you before a review tribunal 

What are the obligations of migration agents?

Once you have successfully hired a migration agent, they are expected to: 

  1. Inform the Australian Government - Department of Home Affairs IMMI about the contract by completing Form 956 Appointment of a registered migration agent, legal practitioner, or exempt person, with your signature affixed to the form. During this process, the IMMI will discuss the application with the agent and require more information about you. 

The form also allows you to nominate your registered agent as your authorised representative in receiving migration-related documents. Should you choose to nominate your agent, the government will send all written correspondence to them and will assume that these are shared with you. 

  1. Provide you with a written statement or a contract regarding the terms of the agreement, including the services they will provide, the fees, and other relevant costs. 
  1. Provide full transparency in all transactions, including keeping the funds paid in advance on a separate bank account, issuing an invoice listing all the services completed and the amount due, and keeping proper records of the full process for seven (7) years.
  1. Provide you with timely responses as soon as the visa result comes out.
  1. Give honest feedback on the visa application, deliver the proper advice and assistance, as well as keep you informed on the application process, additional requirements, or any other changes
  1. Adhere to the MARA Code of Conduct, including protecting your privacy, working only in your best interests, and within the confines of the law

Should you encounter any concerns in working with a particular migration agent, the Australian government recommends: 

  1. Trying to first resolve the issue with the agent through a professional discussion
  2. Should this be unsuccessful, you can contact OMARA to complain about a registered agent. 
  3. Note that the complaint will not affect your visa application or change the outcome of a previous visa application decision.
  4. In getting a refund, this must be discussed with the registered migration agent. You can also enlist the help of your local consumer protection office.


The visa application process is a crucial step in migrating to Australia. Working with an expert professional with years of proven experience and success rate helps you achieve better results than trying to figure it all out on your own. 

A quick search on Google brings up a lot of information on which migration agency to work with or who is the best migration agent. Avoid getting overwhelmed with these by knowing specific qualifications to look for and where to find legitimate migration agents to help you. 

As mentioned, registered migration agents can be found on:

Personal referrals from family and friends make great recommendations, too, when looking for a migration agent. The only catch with Exempt Individuals providing assistance in the visa application process is that they cannot charge for these services. To know more about registered migration agents, what they can and cannot do, as well as additional information about working with them, feel free to visit this resource.

Interested in migrating to Australia? Migration Ways give expert advice in Spanish, Greek, Italian, and English! All our migration agents are MARA-registered, too, and each has expertise in the different visa types. 

Learn more about finding the best migration agents in Australia and how we can help you! Contact us today by sending us an email at or by giving us a call at +61 3 7046 3958.


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