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Strategic Updates to Australia’s Immigration Framework

We're eager to share key updates from the 2024 FederalBudget that significantly enhance the scope and efficacy of Australia'simmigration system. Here are the essential details:

🔹 Expanded PermanentMigration Program: The cap has been set to 185,000 places with a focus onthe Skill stream, representing a robust initiative to address Australia’s skillshortages.

🔹 Reduction in Subclass482 Visa Experience Requirements: The requirement for work experience hasbeen reduced from two years to one, potentially broadening eligibility andopening doors for more skilled workers. This is set to take effect fromNovember 2024.

🔹 Enhanced MigrationSystem Integrity: An $18.3 million investment aims to improve the migrationsystem and ensure the protection of migrant workers’ rights.

🔹 Faster VisaProcessing: Enhanced resources for the Department of Home Affairs aim toreduce visa processing times, facilitating smoother entry into Australia.

🔹 StrengthenedSoutheast Asia Relations: Increased funding to enhance ties and ease visaaccess for ASEAN countries, promoting a closer collaboration.

🔹 Closure of the BIIPProgram: The discontinuation of the Business Innovation and InvestmentProgram marks a significant policy shift. We are here to guide those affectedtowards suitable alternative pathways.

🔹 National InnovationVisa Introduction: This new program targets extraordinarily talentedmigrants in key sectors, aiming to boost national growth.

🔹 Increased Supportfor Refugees and Migrants: An additional $120.9 million is dedicated toimproving settlement services, enhancing the integration process for newarrivals.

These updates signify a transformative phase for potentialmigrants and Australian businesses. At Migrationways, we are committed toproviding up-to-date, ethical advice to help you navigate these changeseffectively.

Connect with us to discuss how these developments mightinfluence your migration strategy.


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